Bulk Depalletizers

Busse/SJI and Priority One Bulk Depalletizers offer highly efficient systems that removes layers of containers from a pallet and transports the containers to an accumulation table or infeed conveyor.

Busse/SJI and Priority One feature high level, low level, high speed and moderate speed depalletizer configurations capable of removing any type of bulk container available on the market.

Our superior design and world class manufacturing standards enable our depalletizers to deliver years of low maintenance, trouble-free performance, while providing the flexibility to adapt to changing load configuration demands.

Picture of Busse/SJI Classic W Series Depalletizer.

High Level Bulk Depalletizers

Classic W Series

Busse/SJI Classic W Series High Level Bulk Depalletizer Picture


Busse/SJI Turbo High Level Bulk Depalletizer Picture

Bottle Stabilization Head

Busse/SJI Patented Bottle Stabilization Head

Low Level Bulk Depalletizer


Priority One Xodus Low Level Bulk Depalletizer Picture