Busse/SJI, the inventors of the original bulk palletizer and depalletizer, is the leader in container handling technology for over 60 years. Our full line of depalletizers, palletizers, pallet conveyor systems, retort loading & unloading systems, coolers and warmers, are designed to meet the demands your production needs.

Whether your business requires the handling of glass, PET or cans, Busse/SJI has the right machine for your application.

Picture of Busse/SJI manufacturing Floor


Picture of Busse/SJI Corporation BusseWorldFLEX High Level Palletizer


Picture of Busse/SJI Corporation Viper High Level Palletizer

Classic R Series

Busse/SJI Corporation Classic R High Level Palletizer Picture

Classic R Series Bed-Less

Busse/SJI Corporation Classic R Bed-Less High Level Palletizer Picture

Classic W

Busse/SJI High Level Bulk Depalletizer Classic W Picture


Busse/SJI High Level Bulk Depalletizer Turbo Picture

Bottle Stabilization Head

Busse/SJI Patented Bottle Stabilization Head

Spray Coolers

Picture of Busse/SJI Cooler

Spray Warmers

Picture of Busse/SJI Warmer

Pallet Conveyors

Busse/SJI Corporation Pallet Conveyors Picture

Horizontal Retort Crate Unloaders

Series 400H

Busse/SJI Corporation Series 400H Crate Unloader Picture